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Aurelle Richard - Painter 

The history of art and then training in painting restoration at La Cambre in Belgium are the basis of this taste for painting the world in a precise and figurative way.


I have been working near Lyon for 17 years in this exploration of colorful stagings, where shadows and lights predominate. My realistic atmospheres are most often an assembly of images that reflect my taste for what visually provokes materials and shapes, and arrive at a staging that tells a story.

I am in perpetual search for ornamentation, for the expression of beauty. I paint a sentence. Painting is for me: contemplating and “visiting”...

We do not escape a part of mystery because the framing voluntarily pushes us to imagine what is happening beyond. The wooden support allowed me to work to measure and to experiment with original formats. Large formats are treated on canvas for a question of lightness of the support.

Acrylic paint.

Je travaille également sur commande, pour être au plus près des détails qui vous ressemblent. J'étudie votre demande, et vous établis un devis.

L'atelier situé à Tassin est ouvert sur simple rendez vous, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.

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